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Which Machines Are Really Necessary For Working Remotely?

Let's face it. If you followed every list online of "critical" items that you need in order to work from home/remotely, you would be more bound by your business technology then you were by your previous geographical fetters. So, here we want to boil it down into a few simple machines that are absolutely necessary, in certain combinations, depending on your business needs.

No business, and very few jobs, can be run without some way to store and analyse data. Even smart phones are simply not up to the task, especially if typing needs to be done on a regular basis. Still, in terms of basic social functioning, and (God forbid) emergencies, a mobile phone is critical to have, at the very least as a backup to your more economical communication efforts via laptop. Skype and VoIP are quickly replacing not only the landline telephone, but perhaps the mobile phone as well. Mobile networks will be hard-pressed to keep up. Still, you can't afford to cut regular old telephone users out of your business circle, or your clientele, so don't get rid of the mobile phone just yet.

I am assuming so far that you already have a laptop, although it may need to be upgraded in order to deal with online data storage, variable forms of local Internet connection, and the performance demands of business software, not to mention the rapidly multiplying size of data files. Perhaps, more than anyone else, the remote worker lives in the cloud. It’s absolutely essential to have access to this information at all times or have a specific plan for having periodic access to it. Although it’s certainly true to say that many location independent entrepreneurs exist as such because they would like to avoid the cloud at all costs, even these true nomads have to access the cloud eventually, and there's no reason to let an out-of-date laptop keep you behind.

Cloud accessories, (your parachute) are the devices that are going to let you access the Internet, or prevent you from becoming separated from the business, or your money. Everything from portable Wi-Fi to Ethernet cables is included here. Although USB-based network access technology may seem clumsy or outdated, it will come in handy if something happens to your internal network interface card. I strongly recommend having at least three network interface devices. One should be a portable Wi-Fi enabled gateway. The second should be a USB wireless gateway or modem, and the third should be an internal and up-to-date network interface card and DSL modem if possible. I want to go on record here and say that a backup connection to the Internet is more important than a data storage backup, depending on your business or job. Novelists may be the exception. For my job, communication with clientele is much more closely related to my income than access to previous documents, and I expect that may be the case for you, as well.


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