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Using PicMonkey To Do Professional Design Work

PicMonkey is your all encompassing image editor that gives you the same glow and pop as some of the most expensive design programmes on the market today. If you're looking for a simple tool that allows you to discover where your true imaging talent lies, then you should look no further than PicMonkey.

What exactly is PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is an easy to use image design tool which is completely free of charge. However, many professional designers actually use PicMonkey as though it were the latest version of Photoshop. Many of the more advanced effects in a programme like Photoshop come as easily modified add-ons with PicMonkey, allowing even the least advanced user access to tools that might otherwise be completely out of their reach.

Why do people love PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is easy enough to use without a manual, and that says a lot in itself. The shortcuts as well as the layout remind users of some of the most commonly used computer interfaces in the world. Microsoft Office Suite users and Photoshop users will be especially grateful for the intuitive layout. It's also one of the top free design programmes that can work equally well on a smartphone or tablet screen. The notion of bringing desktop power to the world of mobile truly sets this product apart from many of its peers.

What are some of the top features of PicMonkey?

The number one feature of PicMonkey is its ability to edit images quickly and easily. You can get a fully professional looking image starting from a smartphone camera and a few PicMonkey filters or effects. These images can be used to add some extra flair to an online profile or even in a professional audition or interview of some kind.

Another huge feature that people love about PicMonkey is the ability to easily transfer the work created on the app into another image editor. As PicMonkey is one of the most compatible programmes on the market today, you don't have to worry about working with other image editors. You can start an image or a layout in PicMonkey and take it over into any industry standard programme including Photoshop, with just a few clicks.

What kind of design work do people use PicMonkey to do?

People use PicMonkey for virtually anything that a professional image editor can be used for, for instance you can use family photos that work well when they're blown up. People also use PicMonkey to add special effects to pictures that they take ‘live' from smartphones, tablets and professional cameras. Getting facial features perfect is one of the biggest applications of PicMonkey - you can really bring out the blue in someone's eyes or the tint of a hairstyle streak.

As one of the best online and mobile apps available for image editing, PicMonkey only continues to improve. Imagine being able to take your photos into the next level of professionalism using a completely free programme that you can take wherever you go. This is the power of PicMonkey.


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