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Using Canva To Do Professional Design Work

Canva is one of the best graphic design tools out there. It's easy and free to use too, so it's the perfect option for bloggers who want to take their sites to the next level with professional quality images. Along with some tips for new users, listed below are four great benefits that come from using Canva to meet your image requirements. Canva Is Free to Use, with Low In-Programme Costs Many graphic design programmes require a hefty fee upfront before they can be used, but Canva is 100 percent free to use. For new bloggers, as well as those who just don't want to spend a lot of money creating, editing, downloading and saving graphics, Canva is the perfect fit. In certain circumstances you may have to spend a bit of money inside the programme though, so keep that in mind. When using Canva's 1 million+ stock images, you're charged 1 USD per image taken from their library. Of course, this is still a very low price, and you always have the option to use your own images instead. Canva Is Great for Social Media Graphics A huge part of creating and growing a blog is properly utilising social media. With high quality, professional looking social media image posts, blogs can easily get a lot of attention. Whether you simply want to make a post with a great graphic in it, or are looking to create Facebook covers, apps, Twitter banners, YouTube channel art, Pinterest graphics, or any other social media image for that matter, it can be done in as little as five steps on Canva. * Simply open Canva. * Choose from a variety of professional layouts for the chosen social media channel. * Upload images or choose from stock images. * Fix images, add filters, and edit text. * Save and share the finished graphic directly to a social media page or profile. Canva Remembers Everything and Keeps Projects Safe When using Canva, remember that the programme saves everything. This is one of the greatest benefits that Canva provides, and it makes it incredibly easy to come back to projects if you have to step away from the computer for any reason. With its impressive saving technology, Canva also makes it easy for you to return to the same colours and templates over and over again. Canva assigns a six-digit number and letter combination to every colour, so once you've found the one you love, you simply have to put that code into Canva so the programme can remember it. Canva also easily saves templates and default fonts so that you don't have to dig through thousands of options to find the one you liked. Create Any Size Image, Just Make Sure to Get It Right the First Time Canva allows you to customise the size of your graphics to fit your specific requirements, so it's perfect for small images like buttons and ads, as well as banners and other large graphics. Remember though, to always determine the exact size needed at the beginning. If the size is incorrect, you'll have to start over and re-customise the image. In summations, Canva is a simple and free-to-use programme that will make designing images significantly easier for bloggers and website designers everywhere. Try it today!


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