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Technological Steps For The Remote Worker

Let's be honest. There's all sorts of advice online about moving from an office based role to a work from home or remote worker lifestyle, but the simple fact is that very little of this information is tailored to your specific business needs. Chances are, if you already have a location-independent lifestyle, that you are running your own business, or providing a service, and not necessarily under the employ of any particular company. If you are working for a particular company that encourages working from home, they probably provide you with all the technology needed. As it is, you probably need to look out for yourself.

Remember that the basis of a remote worker lifestyle is the ability to provide yourself with an income, no matter where you are. Although some argue that this lifestyle should still take place within the confines of civilisation, you may be able to solve that problem by getting a satellite phone. It’s unlikely that you will be able to achieve full business capacity from the icy glaciers of the Arctic, but it is theoretically possible. In either case, for those who are venturing rather far from society, a satellite link is an expensive, but potentially life-saving piece of nomadic technology.

Remember that your laptop is your number one tool, and is probably the most important possession second to your IDs and paperwork required for moving from country to country, or even from city to city. Although it's difficult to fall behind the times when you're constantly interacting with new people and new places, it is a pitfall to assume that, because you started out with the best technology, that you are still ahead of the game. You may not even be in the game anymore, so to speak, and who's going to point it out?

If it's been more than two years since you bought your laptop, chances are that you need an upgrade. The exponential improvements in processing power may not be as important as the speed of your Internet connection, but believe me, they are important. Probably more important than the actual processing power of your laptop is its capacity to back up your information. No matter what the current hard drive capacity of your laptop is, consider having it doubled, or buying another, more upgrade friendly laptop. Depending on your business, you may have to store extensive data referencing customer specific information and have large software programmes as well, which may be required to do even simple tasks online.

Having said this, I also believe it's extremely important that your laptop be durable. Having a flawless backup isn’t really any good if this backup is dropped in the airport terminal, and ends up scattered across international territory. In order to prevent this from happening, consider getting a Toughbook. The major disadvantage to a proprietary idea like the Toughbook is that they are more difficult to upgrade, since they are dependent on a specific box design. However, if protection for your data is more important than long-term technology curves, then you're all set for a laptop that will survive some major falls.


For all of the benefits and none of the hassle, look no further. Our virtual team can staff your office. We also offer online call conferencing facilities for those teams that are working from home but still need to have team meetings.

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