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Startups With a Smile: Why You Should Have A Positive Mindset In Business

Updated: May 21, 2020

Imagine two potential partners for your startup standing side by side, wearing identical suits, carrying identical briefcases.

They're both well-groomed and polite. But one person focusses on all the things that are going wrong with the company, while the other is looking at everything that's gone right. You'd want to work with the second person, right? That's because a positive mindset is critical when it comes to business, especially when it comes to startup companies.

Why Should You Keep A Positive Attitude?

Flip the example from the introduction on its head: When it comes to working with other businesses, you want to be somebody others want to work with. That's just one reason to adopt a positive, forward-thinking mindset.

Did you know that positive leaders are able tomake better decisions under pressure?

When you have a positive mindset, you're able to more clearly see the big picture, rather than getting dragged down into the details. When you're able to keep perspective, it helps you make smarter business decisions - even when under pressure. Positivity has a variety of benefits. It makes you better able to deal with bad situations. It's been proven to help you make and keep friends.

How Can You Stay Positive In A Startup Environment?

Of course, it's one thing to want to be positive and another to actually do it. If you feel like you fall into negative thinking patterns too easily, here are a few tips to help:

  1. Remember that "you're the driver of your own bus," so to speak. You determine how pleasant or depressing your day will be. You get to decide if you're going to be positive about a situation or not.

  2. Seek out changes that you'd like to make, and make them happen. When it comes to running an online startup enterprise, it can be easy to react to problems as they come. However, if you can be proactive about making changes, you may find that it's easier to stay positive.

  3. Try adopting a positive mindset through physical actions. For example, some people swear by meditating. Others enjoy sharing their skills with people and find that it helps them look on the bright side. You may be surprised at how making small physical changes in your daily routine could help you be more positive.

  4. Take a negative problem and think of the positive side. For example, if you're facing a problem customer, think about how this might be a positive situation. It could be that you're learning a lot about your skills and capabilities. They may have pointed out a problem with your website, so now you can fix it. Try to take bad situations and make them work in your favour.

The power of positive thinking has been well-documented over the years and this is why, especially when you're starting a business, keeping a positive mindset and attitude can be critical to your success. If you've been stuck in a rut or feel like your negativity is starting to impact your business and your life, try these tips for maintaining a positive attitude. You may be quite surprised at just how far a positive attitude gets you.


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