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Exploring Your Digital Options As A Remote Worker

For anyone who is considering a location independent lifestyle, whether it be on a temporary basis or a permanent solution – a way of working without being tied down to one particular place, there are a lot of choices. We may be quite used to the structured way of establishing a home office and might well be able to set one up quite intuitively, however when it comes to being digitally ready to do business, where do you start?

The good news is that as time goes by more and more tools emerge to help the remote worker and make it a lot easier to do business, functionally and efficiently, while setting up at a temporary location or permanent move to remote working.

To be able to do business you have to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively. While some people are quite open about their digital lifestyle, others don’t necessarily want their clients to realise that they are functioning in this way. It is possible to be as extrovert or introvert as you want, as by choosing the tools selectively and using them in a specific fashion you can "paint a picture" of ultimate office efficiency and stability, without revealing the fact that you may be set up next to your favourite beachfront location in the Bahamas.

The Internet has, of course, made the world a much smaller place. We can do business with people in countries many thousands of miles away from us as if they were next door. So long as you always remember that professionalism is paramount and that your business must be seen as being efficient, productive and reliable, you can use the amazing functionality of online commerce to put it all together.

No longer do you need a "hardwired" telephone line into your so-called office. Communication tools such as Skype have completely rewritten the rules here. You can select a phone number with an area code that suggests you are in any major city that you choose. Clients who call that phone number will simply call your laptop computer and clients will be oblivious to your physical location.

We are often told that 70% of any communication on a one-to-one basis is based on our interpretation of body language. Together with the tone of voice, this is how we can tell what a person actually means in context. As this is such an important part of doing business, it's good to know that we can focus on top-rated videoconferencing technology to help us actually see the client as well as talk to him or her. If you're creative with your "backdrop" when you set up a videoconference such as this, once again there is no reason to let the client know that you’re at home, to operate your business. Just remember that you always need to dress appropriately for these business meetings and as such pj's or a onesie would probably not be the most appropriate attire!


For all of the benefits and none of the hassle, look no further. Our virtual team can staff your office. We also offer online call conferencing facilities for those teams that are working from home but still need to have team meetings.

Interested? Contact Angel Virtual Assistants today to learn more about how we can assist your business with the tasks you need to delegate.

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