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10 Areas Where A Virtual Assistant Can Vastly Improve Your Customer Experience

Many companies, whether they're principally operating online or offline are well aware that customer experience is paramount. When you consider the high degree of competition across the majority of industries, and that it's far more economical to retain a customer than to attract a new customer, the importance of customer experience is very clear.

Added to that, customer expectations are rising faster than the majority of companies are able to react. Related tasks are often time-consuming and companies don't have the skilled resources to commit to the development and daily upkeep of a customer experience strategy.

Here we suggest 10 areas where a VA can vastly improve your customer experience...

#1 Standardising Processes

As your business grows, the need to standardise the processes around your customer experience increases. Systemising encourages a consistently exceptional level of customer experience by increasing efficiency, and enabling team members to reply with an agreed response.

#2 Automation

With a strong grasp of technology, a skilled VA can engage a range of systems to introduce automation into your business. This will both improve your customer experience with an efficient service, as well as reduce workloads and increase productivity. The potential systems could include setting-up email sequences to target audiences, setting up a booking system, or emailing a download link, e-course or product, to name just a few.

#3 Call Answering

Make sure your business number is always answered in a professional manner and you never miss a call. There are VAs who specialise in call answering services.

#4 Social Media

VAs can monitor and respond to the near constant engagement on social media with the right level of interaction and information. They can also help you reach a wider target audience through managing your online platforms, sharing your content and managing adverts. This is quite time-consuming, however many businesses realise the rewards of an increased, consistent, active social media presence.

#5 Email Inbox

Your inbox can easily get out of control, but a VA can rescue you from this perpetual time-drain and take over the management of your emails, responding on your behalf with information requested and only highlighting emails to you that require your specific attention.

#6 Other Communication

As online business owners, VAs are excellent communicators, particularly with the written word and they can help you by writing various content pieces, such as email sequences, website content, documents, blog posts, lead pages, and many other communications that help share your business message.

#7 Sales

VAs can assist with sales through multiple online channels, which could include the distribution of sales information, answering queries promptly, or assisting with payments.

#8 After-Sales Care

A number of queries can arise post-sale, and this is certainly where prompt and helpful handling really boosts your customer experience. These may be queries around delivery, or handling refunds and returns.

#9 Request Feedback

VAs can request and collate feedback from your customers to provide excellent insight into how your business is perceived, and assist you in making improvements. This could be with a survey, a feedback form or an online platform such as Trustpilot.

#10 Complaints

Handling complaints professionally to achieve the most positive outcome possible for everyone involved is a real skill. With a tactful approach VAs can help walk customers through your complaints procedure and resolve issues, only escalating to you where absolutely necessary.

As you consider how these areas relate to your business an improvement plan will start to formulate - and by partnering with an excellent VA, you'll ensure your business applies these improvements across the board, thereby providing exceptional customer experience in every conceivable facet of your organisation!

Interested? Contact Angel Virtual Assistants today to learn more about how we can assist your business with the tasks you need to delegate.

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